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At Edith's Health and Specialty Store, keeping you healthy is our goal, so we strive to carry the best in natural products. From convenience foods, fresh-baked breads, organic pet food, recycled paper products to all-natural cleaners, gluten-free pastas and breads, and special diet products like, vegan and vegetarian items, meat and dairy substitutes, wheat-free, gluten-free foods, low-carb foods, allergy alternatives we have what you're hoping to find. 

You will also find frozen and refrigerated products like free-range organic meats, dairy and non-dairy products, all-natural frozen entrees, gluten-free pizza crust, tofu, meat alternative products, etc.


Edith's Store is committed to supporting West Virginia's farmers and producers.  West Virginia products that we carry:


  • Raw Local Honey 

  • Maple Syrup

  • Jams, Jellies and Apple Butter                                                          

  • Popcorn and Cornmeal                                                                             

  • Consciously Raised Meats:                                                                             Swift Level Beef, Rainbow Farm Chicken,                                                    Dogwood Hill and Vernal Vibe Rise Pork                                             

  • Handcrafted Soaps    

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