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Lindsay and Edith
Edith's Health and Specialty Store

At Edith's Store, we provide our customers with the foods, supplements, and personal-care products needed to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. We believe that food should be wholesome, nutritious, and real. You can count on us to provide you with the highest standards available within the natural foods industry. 

Edith's Health Store has been serving the Greenbrier Valley and beyond since 1986. We are committed to providing the community with great products, great customer service and the best quality health food and  supplements in the market. If there is something you want, please don't hesitate to ask and we will place a special order to satisfy your needs.

Our store features:

• Vegan, organic, gluten-free, and raw-food body care products

• Hair care, skincare, massage oils

• Gluten-free and whole food vitamins and mineral supplements

• Diet and anti-aging products

• Protein shake mixes

• Herb capsules and tinctures

• Flower essences and homeopathic remedies

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